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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calling a picture done...

It takes me a long time to call a picture done. Mostly because I'm not a good enough painter yet to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish. But, in the interest of contributing to our blog, I thought I would re-post this picture taken of a painting I started in April this year. The first photo is after three hours of painting outside with the Pieces of 8. You may recall that session, we were watching and cheering the gorgeous crews of the crew boats going by as we painted.

The second is probably after 10 more hours. (I'm slow.) I finally decided to call it finished today and put my mark on it. That's a major step for me. On my month long adventure in the Everglades I realized that I'm never going to get better at painting if I just keep falling back on digital because it's so quick and satisfying. Thank goodness for the Pieces of 8. They give me reason to keep trying.


  1. Kathy - here's my "expert" opinion: you were DONE twice!! You have two lovely pieces there, night and day (figuratively AND literally). I like them both. I know how you feel but really a dose of confidence is all you need. Both are interesting pieces with different feels to them. Cheers!

  2. Kathy, Congratulations on taking a step forward! The second image is so much more interesting with it's shadows and view through the widow. What really excites me is the fact that you compose this in your head!!