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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This light house painting was created from a photograph that I took on a light house cruise in Bar Harbor, Maine last September. We flew into Boston for three days then traveled down to Cape Cod then back up the eastern coast line to Bar Harbor, Maine. We stopped at many beautiful little towns on our ten day driving tour. We saw wonderful light houses in most of the towns.

I am creating a series of small 5"x7" paintings of sights that we have photographed on our travels inside and outside the United States. I worked on this painting this Monday during our regular Pieces of Eight painting time. I brought it home and finished it Monday afternoon. I have several other light houses from our trip that I plan to paint and add to my series. Once I have enough painted I plan to have note cards made to give as gifts. I think that should be fun. Next week I think that I shall post a painting from Hope Town in the Abacos.


Phillis Holland

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  1. Very nice Phillis, you have done a lovely job of contrasting the detail with the implied. I like this a lot!