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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FIT Gardens Visit, Part I

On Monday, five of the Pieces of 8 still in town went on a photo shooting excursion at the beautiful, local FIT Gardens. The light was somewhat elusive down in the jungle like landscape, but when we caught it, it really highlighted the gorgeous plants along the paths. There are giant ferns that look like they've been there since prehistoric times, philodendrons, hibiscus, palms, and more. And the wildlife...(besides us) were lizards, fish, turtles, and birds. We followed small streams, meandered paths, watched the fish in the ponds, traversed little bridges, enjoyed the lovely court yard and were amazed at the frequency of student tour groups. Attached are a few photos to give an idea of the day and the location. Part II, to follow, shows Mary and Carmen who actually broke out their paints for a little plein air painting and a few more pictures from the day.

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