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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An artist's work is never done.

Our group decided to do some Plein Air painting before the weather got too hot to be outdoors. Phillis lives right across the canal from a rowing training camp. Rowers from all over the world come there to train, including Olympic athletes. So, being patriotic, caring, supportive women we thought we would do some judging along with our painting, show our young men some support and let them know they are appreciated and appreciated they were.  Let's just say not much flora or fauna got painted that day.

Oh my!!
A small causality, Kathy realizes you cannot look through binoculars, hold up your sign and paint at the same time.

A grateful audience shows it's appreciation


  1. very funny..looks like you were having a grat time

  2. are any rowers willing to return as models? I noticed not many figure sketches were posted????