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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rock City Gardens is Awesome!

I drove south on Sunday looking for an orange grove to get pictures to finish my image shown in an earlier post. On the way I stopped at one of my favorite places, Rock City Gardens which is a huge garden shop on US 1 several miles south of Sebastian, Florida. The sky was slightly overcast and there was very little breeze. The gardens have a lovely walking path around a lake, beautiful fountains and incredible plants - bromeliads, ferns, orchids, trees, vines, you name it, they have it. (I don't even recognize the beautiful blooming vine I captured above.) I filled up my head with garden plans and my camera's memory card with beautiful pictures. What a wonderful place! Not only do they know everything about plants, they were even able to direct me to an orange grove several miles further south. Beautiful place, beautiful plants, beautiful people! If you're a gardener or a photographer, I highly recommend a visit.


  1. You're right, Rock City Gardens is fantastic. I wonder what the heck that vine is?

  2. Hi,
    Enjoyed looking at your art. So much talent. I am a photographer (weddings, children, etc) and frequently photograph at Rock City. It is very beautiful there and the staff is fantastic. I have been looking all over for an orange grove but only know of the one up toward Rockledge. I live in Melbourne Beach and would love to check out the one mentioned here. Did you go and are they art friendly? If so could you share the location with me. My email is beverly@beverlybennettphotography.com