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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Palate is a SELL OUT!

If you were lucky enough to purchase one of the limited-edition cookbooks, "The Artist's Palate," around the holidays then you will be very interested to know that we are sold out!  Yep, every single book is gone and we've had requests for more.  But alas, we are on to other projects so if you missed getting your own copy you will just have to borrow one or wait for next year when we unveil something new.  Our goal was to share the wonderful recipes we enjoy on our annual retreat, show you the variety of art our gang produces AND put a few bucks in our "kitty" for some education or supplies.  Mission accomplished, thank you all.  The feedback is that they made great gifts for friends throughout the holidays.

Quite a few of us are involved in a collaboration with quilters which will open in March --  we'll share the details here so you don't miss this free event.  The winter has also prompted us to dabble a bit and we've been experimenting with polymer clay, hand colored photographs and collage....it helps regenerate the idea-bank to go play in someone else's sandbox for a while! And you can bet we have had lots of discussion regarding our next great "gift-able" idea to be unveiled at our annual studio tour next December.  See you there!

Cindy (for all the Pieces)

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