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Sunday, June 13, 2010

CheeeeseCake: Unfinished!

See why I am not a "Daily Painter?" I can't seem to finish something to my satisfaction in one day!  This breakfast is not done..."Unfinished Cheesecake" is the title and it applies in several ways.  There are some good juicy parts and some, frankly, lousy stuff...but all in good time....the foundation is good and I promise you, it will be completed and look good enough to finish, I mean, eat.  But not all in one day....
see, I am just too easily distracted by the fine details of the rough edge of the pie...I must have painted that part at least 1000 times...none to my satisfaction and when I had a depth of about 1/2" of wet paint, I'd scrape it off and start over again.  Frankly I began to look around the studio for something else to paint on (I love to go back and forth between pieces) and since I took this oath to do one a day....nothing was begging to be completed.

So...I took the dog for a long walk, she chased ducks and geese while I photographed them; she got her feet wet while I snapped future paintings of waterfalls and rocks, then we got an icecream cone and came home to work on the wonky fork......

I'll finish (and post) the cheesecake (it is 10 x 10) but tomorrow I am NOT painting my breakfast and I WILL BE painting on 2 or more pieces at the same time.  Geeze, I thought I had it in me but we are not all created equal.

My highest respect and best wishes to Carol and Carmen who have successfully become "daily painters" in several forums, hats off to you both!  To those who followed my sweat, take a look at the daily painters links....it's a whole new genre.......

p.s. this is not to say that I might not re-challenge myself with this gig....maybe pastels and maybe all 5 x 7's...? we'll see, as always: stay tuned!

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