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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Painting Challenge #2, Pieces of 8 Group Challenge "Travel"

This is our second group challenge.  The topic this month is "Travel".

Our group members travel to all corners of the world, on a regular basis.  Sometimes, we only have one or two in town for our weekly get together, so "travel" seemed like a good subject for us to explore.

Kathy Garvey

"Wing-powered bicycle - if only I could travel like this!"

Mixed media - watercolor and polymer clay  - 9x12


Carol Schiff

Last summer I traveled to Ohio to visit my home town and attend a "cousins reunion".  Many things had changed in the 55 years I have been gone, but the old train station remains the same.

Wauseon Depot
11x14 Oil

Moroccan Mint by Cindy Michaud
10 x 10, oil on board

I recently spent two weeks in Marrakech where hot mint tea was a constant.  The Moroccans drink it really sweet and always from a glass, not a cup.  Where ever we were it was quite a ritual to be served.

Donna Vines

No matter where you go nothing says travel like a road trip.  Imagine tooling along the highways and byways with all you need for a comfy stay trailing behind you.

This 6x12 collage was done from old luggage stickers from the days when traveling was a real journey of the heart and the spirit.


One of my favorite places I've ever visited is Venice. Its ancient beauty is the stuff of dreams. The only vehicles are boats, including fire, trash, buses, and commuter vehicles. Where else do you see office workers carrying briefcases and standing in a gondola?

The Gondolier, 8x10 Oil
by Carmen Beecher

For this challenge, I have chosen a collage I finished several weeks ago after several decades of leaving it untouched. The recollection of the view of PalmaMajorca from the water in the 1960s has always been a delight for me. It is another delicious morsel from my past. I painted it first in acrylics many years ago and recently used collage to complete the town and village portions of it. The cathedral is actually high Spanish Gothic, but I remember it much more simply. As a presence dominating the town which was little more than a village then. The actual little village around the bend from the town had a deserted rocky inlet of clear cold azure water, the brace of which made everything else fade into the background. Just writing about the area whets my appetite to return.

Fay Picardi


by Mary Warnick

                                                      Painting of Teddy White, Jamaica

Our first cruise was a Panama Canal trip.  On the way home we stopped at Ocho Rios in Jamaica.
By this time I was shopped out, but my husband still wanted to see the shops.  I decided to walk in the opposite direction, despite the fact that I had taken no money with me.  I was approached with offers to braid my hair, take me to the falls, etc.  which I turned down.  I stopped to take some pictures and was approached by a man about my age with dreadlocks and a warm smile.  He asked if I would like to see his little community.  I told him I had no money. which he had trouble believing, but I finally convinced him.  He took me down a flight of steps and pointed out various parts of life in the little group he was a part of.  He also told his friends I had no money, but "let her take your picture anyway".  I had a delightful time with Teddy White and took pictures of him with his art work.

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