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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Annie and Max

After talking to one my fellow Pieces Fay, I have been in a collage state of mind.  She had just finished a really wonderful collage that she had been working on for quite awhile, we couldn't help comparing notes about all of the papers, bags, wall paper samples, magazine photos, fabrics, buttons, yada, yada that we have collected over the years. Each piece is special in that it just had to be saved for that someday I will use this, special moment  Collages are a great way to use these treasures.
Here is a small starter of a pet sheep we used to have named Annie and her first lamb Max.  It is not quite done, I am still working on the legs and background but I thought it would be fun to post.
Donna Vines

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  1. I love the paper you used for the sheep's wool. Great idea!