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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flapper, 8x10 Mixed Media by Carmen Beecher

This was an enjoyable project for a special event: the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum Gala to be held in Montgomery, Alabama on May 2nd. I began this piece by ordering Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This was a selfish act, since I had not read the book. I found a photo of a woman dressed like a flapper but I took 20 pounds off when I drew her, because in the 1920s everyone was thin. The Roaring Twenties were known for excess, but everyone was thin. No McDonald's, no Cheesecake Factory, no Olive Garden--you get the picture.

Anyhoo, I collaged pages (ones I had read, of course) onto a canvas panel, then I painted the figure in acrylic over it. I may do more of these; I love Roaring Twenties art and Fitzgerald's writing has me hooked, so I'm quite inspired. Another shiny object to chase. 


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