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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Color Me Happy: SALE!

The word SALE brings a smile to your face, I can see it!  Especially when it is something you know you want (or can make someone else happy with).  That's one reason the Pieces of 8 invite their collectors, their close friends and their friends of friends every year to our annual holiday sale.

We share our experimental pieces, our smaller art, our crafts and art from our own walls at special discounted prices during this time only.  Dec 5 and 6 will be the dates for 2014 and believe me when I say that the early birds usually go home with all the "worms."

Ralph's Art Supply on Highland Avenue will be the location this year...parking will be a challenge since the city has torn up parts of the street but it will be worth the adventure.  On Friday evening we will be part of "First Friday" when all the merchants dress up and get in the spirit, 5pm to 7pm ish.
Saturday morning we will open for business at 10 am and go until 4 pm, ringing the register and making folks happy.  New locale and new hours.

I painted both of these pieces and truly hope they go home with new families....art needs to breathe to be enjoyed.  Both are Florida scenes and would brighten any area where hung.  See you there!

Cindy Michaud


  1. Nice write up, Cindy! And I love that row of palm trees. I recognize it from the drive into the Everglades. Love the colors.

  2. That is the exact row! We pulled off at sunset to grab a photo or three...so right. Lets go again.