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Monday, October 27, 2014


One of the fun techniques that I did some experiments with was working with foil.  I really liked the way you could manipulate it with anything that had the ability to leave an impression.  You could use everything  from a spoon to a fly swatter.  All you had to do was press it onto the foil or press the foil on top of the impression.
When I was in Michael's I saw some really interesting pattern presses, before I started this I had no idea anything like that even existed.  The "pattern presses" are just small flat pieces of metal with an embossed design on them.  They had so many interesting ones that I had  to buy one to experiment with.   I choose one that had different machine gears embossed on the plate.  I also used various acrylics to see how different colors affected the design.  This is how it came out. 
Donna Vines

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