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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Angel or Devil

      When our group went to Ocala last month, I was fascinated by the abundant blooms of a bunch of Angel Trumpet trees, otherwise known as brugmansia suaveoleus of Brazilian origin. As you probably know, it is poisonous in many of its forms and is used as a entheogen, providing altered states of consciousness, transcendence, and revelation. I did not learn this through experimentation, but through Wikipedia. Shame on me.
      The following are some rough sketches and a partially revised poem that these beauties inspired.


Angel’s Trumpet Tree
(Silver Springs Botanical Gardens) 

They say the devil
can turn him self
into the most irresistible
of seductresses.

Like the angel’s trumpet.
She is so enchanting
no mere passerby
can resist her allure.

Certainly not me.
Not here.
Do not touch
written in her fragility.

Be forewarned.
Those who play with fire
will be burned.
(Or with snakes,
bitten, not matter
how strong their faith).

Stand still.
Caress with your eyes
each subtle variation
in color and form. 

Move on.
Enriched by not sated.

Fay Picardi
October 19, 2014
Grant, Florida

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  1. What lovely drawings and what a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing Fay