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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Weekly Challenge by Carmen Beecher

Fairy Cottage

Monday was my turn for the weekly challenge, so we did Zentangles, or, as Kathy says, Doodles. My drawing above is a fantasy drawing filled with patterns. I like to use patterns that have different values to give some depth to the little world I have invented. 

The above drawing started as a freeform doodle and built from there. When I begin a painting I usually have the the title in my head already. With a freeform Zentangle, the title comes after I figure out what pops in my head when it's finished. In this case I was reminded of those silly little hats called "Fascinators" worn to the Kentucky Derby and royal weddings. Even though I am calling them silly, I'd love to have an excuse to wear one!

Mary was quite inventive with her Zentangle, so I hope she has finished it and will post it in the future.


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