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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sharing a Carol Nelson Experiment

Donna demonstrating
Today the few Pieces who were in town were treated to a lesson in one of Carol Nelson's mixed media techniques by our one and only Donna who had attended a Carol Nelson workshop last year. Donna brought all the supplies: foam plates, acrylic paints, black markers, glue, and paint brushes. She even gessoed over some of her old paintings to create backboards for us. Her instructions were wonderful. Basically you paint with acrylics on the center of the foam plate. When it's dry, you cut out a small square and bend and crease the square. Then you glue it to a gessoed board and extend your design out into the board. A black marker or black paint can highlight the creases. It's all very loose and abstract. Time passed quickly for Fay, Mary and I as we played with this technique. Below are a few pictures and our results.
It's that simple - paint some colors with acrylics on the plate!

Fay and Donna working on their plates.

Our finished and almost finished pieces against the backdrop of Mary's studio.
We have heard lots of praise from both Donna and our own Carol about their experience in the Carol Nelson workshop they attended and I notice she has one coming up next year in Clearwater, Florida. That's not too far away, and considering Carol Nelson classes fill up pretty quick, not too far ahead of time to consider signing up if you are interested. Here's the link to the Carol Nelson Experiments in Mixed Media Workshop in Clearwater. You can also explore her wonderful results from this technique by clicking here: Carol Nelson Small Paintings.


  1. What fun! Love the results and so sorry I missed it all. Got to try this on my own.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Great job Donna! I created this technique when I noticed how beautiful the left over paint looked on my palette (i use foam plates). I like the random element of cracking the plate.