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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Challenge: Same still life in two different ways

By Kathy Garvey

It was my turn to come up with a challenge for Pieces of 8 on June 16 and I opted for an old design challenge from my long ago days at George Washington University under the wonderfully talented Danni Dawson. She set up a complex still life on a convoluted cloth and challenged us to pick and choose items to draw. We were required to do two versions of the same drawing, one as flat as we could make the design and one as dimensional as we could make it.

I totally loved that first (flat) view and she had to keep prodding me to complete the second (dimensional). I put the same challenge to Carmen, Donna and Mary who were at Mary's studio on the 16th for the challenge. I'm happy to say that they rose to the occasion. I didn't have to prod anyone! They actually liked the challenge enough to continue it the following Monday, June 23. (I haven't changed in all these years - I still balked at doing the more dimensional version even though I stuck to something as simple as just the flowers.) Here are some pictures from our two sessions. Click on any image to enlarge it.
Mary, Donna and Carmen get started. (I cheated and started at home.)
Mary starts to pencil in her items from the setup.

Mary perfecting her flat view!

My flat view which I enjoyed spending hours on.
My 3D view which I fought every minute of.
Donna using colored pencil on one of her views.
Carmen and Donna working the challenge.

Carmen's flat view which is almost complete!
Carmen's 3D view which is almost complete!

Maybe we can get Carol, Denette, Faye and Cindy to accept the challenge from afar! How about it fellow PO8ers?

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