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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I know I am probably behind the times but  I  have to mention and art movement called "Steampunk" that I just love and am fascinated by.  It has been around for a few years and it incorporates the Victorian/Edwardian era, so think about 1870's on to about 1890's. 
It's main thrust is mechanical, involving lots of Jules Vernes, H.G. Wells type of inventions.  The dawn of the industrial age.  The dress is very eclectic and in most cases the men look much more interesting than the ladies.  To be authentic Steampunk you have to use old machinery and the cogs and wheels have to turn.
I was in Mt. Dora this week-end for a Steam punk show and it was wonderful.  I just loved looking at all the old beautiful but functional "machinery".  They even had a "Time Machine".  The costumes were pretty good too.  If you get a chance to see any Steampunk go for it and remember "art" can make anything beautiful.
Donna Vines

Getting into the spirit of things

Hmm, but looks good!!

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