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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Robot Ornaments for Christmas

by Kathy Garvey

I love robots and after our Annual Pieces of 8 Christmas Show, I dedicated some time to create a few in Adobe Illustrator. I modeled them after three of my (soon to be ten) grandchildren. Illustrator is a joy to create with. While I love watercolor and acrylic, Illustrator let's me draw with dashed lines and make perfect circles and experiment rapidly with color. It also let's me "undo" back to the beginning of my creation if I need to.

Since the three robots were modeled after Josie (3), Leo (3) and Max (6), I asked them for feedback. And I got it! Josie wanted her robot's heart to have a rainbow in it. Leo wanted some part of his robot to have a rainbow in it also. (They're twins. Do they think alike or just mimic each other?) And Max wanted his to have a bandoleer like Chewbacca in Star Wars. I love their input and the changes were super easy to make in Illustrator. Below are my three new robots.

Just for fun, I'm experimenting with printing them out as Christmas tree ornaments. I had to make a few changes so they'd look ready for Christmas. And that's the joy of working digitally - endless variations. Below are the ornament versions.

I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with these precious little ones and hoping the ornaments turn out well enough to hang on their tree.  (Note: If you click on the image, it will make it larger in a new window. If you right click in that window, you will see a Save Image option. If anyone would like to make an ornament with them, just save the image. Then open it from where you saved it and click print. Assembly instructions are on the print.)

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Not many grandmas can present custom robot ornaments for their grand kids. You are amazing.

    (From Carmen)