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Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of the Year Passion Vine

by Kathy Garvey

Passion vines are one of my favorite plants and I've gathered about eight varieties over the past few years. (There are at least 500 of them.) I have one that's a magnificent red with a distinct crown and tends to bloom very rarely. It was in bloom this month! To wrap up the year, I'm playing with my images of it in Photoshop. Here are two before and afters.

Before: One of my red passion vines - I don't remember its name but it blooms very rarely.
After: I like adding brushes and filters to my photos in Photoshop.
Before: The crowns on passion vines are other-worldly!
After: Celebrating the beauty by repeating it.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May you enjoy all the things you are passionate about!

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