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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Patron Saint

Trying to get 8 women, 8 artists, to agree on anything very quickly is asking for trouble.  The saying about 'herding cats' is most applicable.  But there is one thing we all quickly ascribed to and that is the fact that our fellow painter, Denette, is worthy of sainthood.  From her stroke several years ago to her paintings today, she has shown nothing short of miraculous courage and determination.  No debate.
Here's Denette in all her Modigliani-esque glory depicted as the patron saint of those who are determined to reach a goal.  You can even see her altar icons in the upper corners which are trophies...signifying her goal met!  She's colorful, lively and looking towards an exciting future.

You can read the tribute to Denette as well as others in a special little book just published by one of our members, Cindy Michaud.  In Sainted & Painted, Stories of the Not Wholly Holy, Cindy has taken 12 real women who deserve, in her opinion, to be sainted. Not only has painted their portraits but she has written vignettes describing their modern miracles and why they should inspire us all.  Feel like lighting a candle yet? You will because reading these tributes makes one realize that we are surrounded by saints...that while relating to the cannonized saints of long ago may be difficult and foreign, this group of anointed women stand tall and proud when it comes to setting examples for living.

For just $12.99 you will meet Saint Jane of the Generous, Saint Kathy of the Courts, Saint Sharon of the Survivors and many more.  You will enjoy creative art and touching stories.  Order now here or by clicking on the title above.  

And oh, there is one other thing we all agreed on rather quickly: this book makes the perfect gift.  So take our collective word for it, order several and have fun sharing them for birthdays.  

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