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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching up on Mondays

by Kathy Garvey
We Pieces of 8 are away a lot in the spring and summer but when even a few of us get together at the Guild, we are enjoying our time together and doing "our thing" which varies in so many ways for each of us that it's always fun to see what everyone is up to. And we have a lot to catch up on if we've missed a week or two. I missed all of April but am so glad to be back and surrounded by such talented friends.

I've made a summary of May 6th and May 13th in pictures. Not everyone is included in the photos who was there working. But here's a little of what was going on. Carmen was with us on the 6th and did an amazing ocean view that she discovered looked equally enchanting turned upside down. I have to be fast to catch Carmen because she gets off to a really fast start each Monday and is always finished with at least one painting before we wrap up three hours later.

On the other hand, Denette is so careful at planning, drawing and then painting that it can look like I've taken the same picture at the beginning as at the end. She has the patience that I envy. She can spend an hour on a very very minute section of a painting, and it shows in the final image.

Carol and Donna returned from their adventure and Carol Nelson Workshop in New Orleans full of new techniques. Donna demoed one using Styrofoam plates for the starting design, and Carol started and completed a really beautiful panel using the same technique right before our eyes.

I started on the 6th with a computer project I was working on to build a tutorial in Illustrator using the beautiful graphic style of Alphonse Mucha. The following Monday I was waiting for some more Mucha references to arrive in the mail so I worked on an acrylic named "I swear, the thing just grew on me!" (Hope it does by the time it's finished.)

Mary carefully constructed a drawing for a complex watercolor that I'll post next week.Can't wait until next Monday to see what we are all up to. (Click on any picture to enlarge.)

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