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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, Monday II

It did take us awhile to settle down because Cindy had lots of tales to tell today.  She has a milestone birthday coming up and has decided to reset her odometer and not quite face it yet.  We will be celebrating it next week but she will be away in the mountains at her beautiful nest when the dreaded day actually arrives. (I heard Bob (her hubby) is bringing a case of wine, earplugs and a pith helmut.)
Cindy has a really fun ongoing "Saint" series she has been working on over this past year.  Today she brought in Saint Patti of the Potters to work on.  These paintings make you smile just looking at them.  They are loosely based on friends of hers and their hobbies and interests or any other inspirations Cindy has.

Fay was very quiet and intent today on her project.  As soon as we discovered what she was up to ohhs and ahhs were heard all around,.

Her collage called for a very exact nautilus shell shape and once it was cut out it looked so perfect and fit in so well.  Great job Fay.

It is always fascinating to see what everyone is working on, what we all see in everyday objects, a photograph or the face of a friend.

Donna Vines

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