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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snails, Flowers and Friends in the Everglades

Just had to add a few of my pictures of snails, flowers and friends from our recent Everglades trip. It was fantastic! This was the only time I've been to the Everglades when the weather was cool and the mosquitoes were almost zero! It's not the best time for capturing images of the Liguus Tree Snails as they are usually sleeping through the dry season in some comfortable crook of a tree and not moving around. But, I did locate a few (about 12) and have included some of their pictures below.

 The above snail was crawling on the ground. Cindy spotted him as I was focusing on the trees. To find one on the ground, alive, and moving around during the dry season is unusual.

It was also a great time for finding thistles and tiny little wild flowers.

I am so grateful to have friends willing to travel to the Everglades and even camp two nights there. (See how close they are to that huge alligator!) Thank you,  Carmen and Cindy!


  1. thanks so much for sharing these. The colorful shells are delightful! - Janet McIlvaine

  2. Thank you, Janet! They are fun to hunt for!