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Friday, March 29, 2013

An Illustrated Pear: Pattern and Pattern Maker

I invested in the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite via the Creative Cloud last August and have been spending my spare time trying to learn the new software. First, I love it. Second, the Creative Cloud is a really nice way to use the software and the only way I can afford it anymore. Third, I'm not limited, I can use any of the many tools available but for now, I'm concentrating on Illustrator because vector is my favorite look.

For study purposes, i.e. working through a topic, I've been using a pear shape. So, this was my first, a simple pear, to work through creating simple patterns. I have to have checks and swirls so those were created first. (Click on any image to enlarge it.)
Took that into Photoshop to add more patterns and textures.
However, the new Illustrator CS6 has a really fun pattern maker, and using that lets you do even more exciting things. Below is an example.

Two patterns created from the above look like this.

I am really loving this software. More pears coming soon. Hope to start teaching it again in May.

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