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Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Excellent Adventure - to the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show

Yesterday a few of the Pieces of 8 took a short road trip to West Palm Beach to visit the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show that's running from March 1 - 3 - so you still have time to get there if you're reading this post early. All the three of us could say the entire day and all the way back to Melbourne was Wow! Amazing! Incredible talent! So glad we went!

To give you just a tiny idea of the caliber of artists who were there, I've scanned a few of the wonderful post cards we picked up at various booths and will try to feature some of the incredible things we saw in this post and the next one.

Here are three of my favorites, complete with links to images of their works that are marvelous on the web but just unimaginably beautiful in person. (Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

 On the left is the work of  Marc Jenesel and Karen Pierce, a husband and wife team who collaborate on producing pottery with woven materials that delight the eye. In the middle,  Carolyn Morris Bach  creates jewelry composed of precious metals, ebony, antique ivory and fossils. We went back to her beautiful booth more than once. At right is the work of Debo Groover who builds large "paintings" with polymer clay. One post card doesn't do justice to the beauty of their work so I've linked to either their web site or portfolio with their names above. Just hover over and click to see more.

One of the wonderful things about this craft show is that you have the opportunity to speak with each artist and they were all delightful. Each took the time to explain their craft, even demonstrating their techniques for us.

If you have any opportunity to get to this show today or tomorrow, it is well worth the trip. Click on the title of the show, below, to go to a page with more information about it.
Palm Beach Fine Craft Show

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