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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday, Monday - working at the Guild

Well, for most of us it's playing at the Guild. Everyone's still doing their own thing. Despite a little Super Bowl fatigue, we set up and got to painting. Here's the latest summary of activity by the Pieces of 8 in text and pictures. (Click on any picture to enlarge its view.)

Carmen is illustrating another book, this one about sled dogs. Take a look at her precious little preliminary sketches.

Denette is finalizing a beautiful oil painting of a water lily she photographed at Rock City Gardens.
Donna is working on a new collage incorporating sewing patterns.
Kathy is watercoloring.
Mary is working on her series of paintings of historical buildings. This lovely church is now in Satellite Beach and Mary told me the history of it when I asked about her little watercolor sketch of the church on a barge - apparently that's how it was moved to its new location.
Phillis is finishing up her beautiful oil painting of a pumpkin.
Where are our other Pieces?  Carol wasn't with us, but if you click on her link or check out below and on our Facebook pages, you can tell how busy she's been with paintings. Cindy is enjoying her studio up in the snows of Seven Devils, North Carolina. Click on her link to catch up with her latest artworks. And last, but not least, Fay arrived in time to remind us to break for lunch!

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