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Monday, January 7, 2013

Painting in the New Year

Today the Pieces finally got together to paint in the new year. At some point we may get back to doing an exercise, but right now everyone is doing their own thing. It's so fun just to be part of this group - interesting work going on all around.

Carmen is creating a beautiful oil painting of grapes from one of her North Carolina photos. Visit the Art and Antique Studio in downtown Eau Gallie this month for a closer look at Carmen's oil paintings.

Carol is working on an amazing backlit oil painting of a flower pot. Her series of these is quite lovely and can be seen by clicking on the Carol Schiff Blog link at lower right of the page.

Cindy is searching her psyche for the meaning of pears. When she finishes sketching, hopefully she will paint a few of them and then we'll be in on it, too. You can click on her blog link on this page to keep up with Cindy's latest, also.

Denette, ever the master of detail, is meticulously sketching in a water lily for a future oil painting.

Kathy is watercoloring another doodle.

Mary is working on at least three watercolors today!

Phillis, also meticulous, is oil painting a pumpkin from one of her North Carolina images.

We're just missing Donna and Fay and hope they join us next week.

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  1. Missed you all too. Glad to see everyone is jumping right back in. I am still a mess in a hoop skirt but hope to be in the studio again in a few days. Think Camille - close up of Greta and fade- ahh.