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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Passion for Passion Vines

There's no doubt I have a passion for Passion Vines. I especially love Incarnata, the beautiful purple one with curly tendrils that grows wild here in Florida shown below.
But over the past few years I've been planting other varieties and I currently have six of the seven in bloom. Below is Lady Margaret, a beautiful red one that I bought as a skinny little four inch sprout several years ago that now takes up half the fence in the yard and must have over 100 blooms at a time.
Here's a little view of the others. Below is the latest to show itself: Vitifolia. After that is Sweet Sunrise, followed by Cerulea and then Jara.

These flowers are an artist's dream. I haven't taken on the challenge of painting one yet. But below is an example of "Jara" all done up with filters, brushes and a little text in Photoshop CS6.
I have loads of photos if any artists out there want some to paint or to play with in Photoshop just let me know which variety and I'll send you high res.  And watch for affordable prints at our upcoming Pieces of 8 pre-Christmas sale on December 8th in West Melbourne.


  1. Such beautiful photos Kathy. You capture so much beauty with your artistic eye.

  2. I love this vine, and had one when I lived in California. Great shots.