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Friday, September 14, 2012

Homage to Clarice Cliff

The Pieces are just back from their yearly "art retreat" full of new ideas and enthusiasm. We saw weavers, painters, potters and wonderful art that has no description, it is just art. The museum in Boone was small but very interesting, especially the exhibit of Polish artists who seemed to have such a unique outlook. We also had the chance to visit a local oil painter Kevin Beck. He was very gracious and spent lots of time showing us his work and art studio.
After being home for a few days, unpacking and finishing up a few oils I had started before I left I felt like doing something different. I decided to do some experimenting with acrylics and also to take out my collage materials again and maybe try some mixed media.
I found this little collage I had done awhile ago as a homage to Clarice Cliff a wonderful English ceramic artist from the Arts and Crafts movement. Clarice was known for her Tea Pots and innovative china patterns and designs.
I love the childlike simplicity of her designs and her use of colors. I feel like playing more than painting and I think Clarice is good inspiration.


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