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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Create Your Own Shoe Fashion Statement!

My husband and I are spending the summer in Colorado.  We are staying in a home close to our children and grand girls.  It has been such a pleasure to be able to just drop in for a few hours or minutes to say hello.  Our children are in the military and often have to travel as part of their jobs.  We are luck enough to be able to stay with our grand girls while their parents travel.  If you are a grandparent then you know that it is important to have special projects for your special little people.  My good friend Carmen, who does fantastic collages, had collaged a pair of her shoes. They turned out so cute, and when I saw them I knew that they would be the perfect project for Sara and Brynn, my grand girls.  Sara, who is 13, cut out words and sayings from her teen magazine.  She covered all of her shoes except for the black edging around the top edge.  Since she is 13 and a typical teenager, I was not sure how she would take to the project, but she loved it and has worn her shoes to school.  How about that for a grannie score!  Brynn, our seven year old, took to the project like a duck to water.  She cut images from lots of different magazines. Notice that Brynn only partially covered the inside facing part of her shoes.  I think the dark contrast and visual break  that the solid black gives is very pleasing.  I had trouble keeping her shoes off her feet long enough for the medium to dry.  Warning!  The playground at school is not the best place to wear collaged shoes.  However,  it is very easy to just collage on another layer when a boo boo happens. A new look every time.  So drag out an old pair of your shoes and have fun.  Who knows you may create your favorite pair of shoes ever! We are thinking of collaging purses next.  GOOD FUN!

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