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Friday, July 13, 2012

  Mountain Vista
Several weeks ago at our Monday painting session I decided to paint a mountain scene.  We are headed to Colorado for several months and I thought that I would practice on mountains in anticipation of painting Pikes Peak and other Colorado vistas.  Since I did not have any photos with me I flipped through an art magazine that was in the painting studio.  I found a picture of a painting that I thought would be a good place to start. So this is really a painting of a painting.  Not something that I usually do but I thought it would be a fun exercise.  One of my goals was to slap the paint on and leave it alone.  I actually finished this 8x10 in one painting sessions which is another thing that I rarely do. It was really fun and I like leaving the brush stroke looking nice and fresh.  I am now curious to see how big a challenge Pikes Peak will be.  I hope to paint outside straight from nature as often as possible.  We are going to be in Colorado Springs and as all of you probably know it was the site of horrible fires this past week.  So I am hoping that enough of the surrounding area will still be paintable.  It is so sad when wonderful places are destroyed.  But I bet there is still plenty of beauty and splendor to be enjoyed.
Phillis Hollalnd

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