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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

South Carolina Retreat

Denette, Carmen, Mary Jo, Kathy, Cindy
Last week half of the Pieces of 8 went to visit Mary Jo (above, center) in South Carolina. She appreciates artists and she is a collector. It took about five minutes to feel we had known her all our life, and we were off to have a good time!
Kathy in a typical pose, closing in on some poppies at Brookgreen Gardens
Denette on Surfside Beach

Kathy and Cindy hard at work on the front porch
We went to the beach, listened to Beach Music, went to Fat Harold's, home of the famous Carolina shagging (that's a dance), visited gardens and plantations, and ate Mary Jo's shrimp and grits for breakfast. I am still dreaming of those shrimp and grits...she bought the shrimp right off the shrimp boats. Would you believe some restaurants in the area get shrimp from Asia? "Buy local!" is the resulting outcry.

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