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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last year on a trip to the panhandle of Florida we decided to stop overnight in the town of Apalachicola.  Apalachicola is a lovely little city trying very hard to make a comeback and doing a pretty good job of it.  While in Apalachicola one can visit charming antique shops which carry everything from buoys to fishing nets, to vintage clothing and furniture.  There are several wonderful old hotels  in which one can spend a cozy night.  Apalachicola boast lovely Victorian homes many of which are bed and breakfasts.  There is an old building with beautiful brick interior walls which has been converted into a candy shop where one can buy the most delicious home made candies and ice cream. But our favorite thing to do while in Apalachicola was to sit in the riverside restaurants and eat oysters.  Apalachicola is know for its oysters and one can get every kind of oyster imaginable.  There are fried oysters, oysters on the half shell, oyster poor boys.  You name it and you can get it there. This  painting was done from a photograph that I took, you guessed it, while sitting in a riverside restaurant eating oysters.  If you are visiting Florida, consider spending a quiet fun day in Apalachicola.  OYSTERS ANYONE?
Phillis Holland

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