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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Snail Project

When I hunt snails, I wave a scarf in front of me to ward off the mosquitoes. I got it into my head to make myself some 22 inch square scarves with actual snails on them for just that purpose. I drew up four designs in Illustrator. This is one of them.
Then I formatted it for Spoonflower and uploaded the designs. Less than a week later the fabric arrived. All I had to do was cut them out and stitch up the edges. Here's how they turned out.
I'm ready for my next snail hunt. The snails become active around late May and June and the little ones start hatching and climbing up the trees. If you want to see Liguus Tree Snails for yourself, just head to Big Cypress or the Everglades.


  1. Just to clarify - I call it hunting because you really have to train your eye to look for and find them. When I find them, I just take their pictures. They're a protected species. They were hunted nearly to extinction before the park started protecting them. So, if you decide to go, they're well worth looking for, but take pictures, not creatures!

  2. It is amazing how you can find beauty in something so ordinary and take I say, not so attractive to the common eye, snail. Your scarves are beautiful.

  3. These are gorgeous...are they available yet in the national park gift shop?

  4. very cool! I love that fabric website. Thanks for telling me about it. Have you tried to sell any of your designs? - Janet m (Mary Poppins from altered book proj)

  5. Thank you, Janet. I'm working on some opportunities. Time will tell.