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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cindy the Muse becomes Cindy the Model

In November I designed and printed a scarf inspired by both the wonderful Liguus Tree Snails with their bands of beautiful designs and my good friend and fellow "Piece" Cindy Michaud. Cindy loves black and white checks and she loves red. So, I dressed a snail in fairly traditional patterns, like swooshes and triangles and added a few black and white checks for fun. I stuck to a red, black and white color scheme. I had Spoonflower print it on both cotton silk and voile. The silk one is shown here.

The fabric I got back in December was beautiful, but not exactly red, black and white. Lesson learned - printing at Spoonflower is like printing anything - colors can be a little quirky - the red turned out sort of a coral and black is sort of gray. Nevertheless, I made up my scarves and presented a voile one to Cindy. She actually wore it out to a meeting today and made it look really good. And when I asked if I could get a photo, she was a good sport to pose as my model.

And then she became hysterically funny recreating poses she'd observed on (I'm assuming) Next Top Model! Not all of them are shown here!

I'm always so inspired by the Pieces of 8 - and they're such a hoot!


  1. oh my, oh my...what a model, what a muse...

  2. ohh, I love the scarf and love the model, so professional, so muselike.

  3. Isn't it the truth, Donna! I think I'm going to get all the pieces to pose in their black and white jewelry one of these days. We could let Cindy set the poses. We'd be rolling in the aisles! And maybe out of it all we could get a good photo for our Black, White and Red all over exhibit!