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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Painting for Mom

I painted this 6"x 8" painting in oils this autumn while the Pieces of Eight were on our retreat in North Carolina. It was a drizzly afternoon and Carol Schiff set up the still life on her back porch. Carol and I were the only ones painting that afternoon. I did not finish the painting until about a month later when we were back in Melbourne, Florida. When I looked at it later I realized that it reminded me so much of my mom. She was raised on a farm and loves to plant tomatoes and cucumbers in her little garden behind her house. She also loves to can and makes wonderful pickles. One of her favorite flowers is hydrangea and she has a bush in her back yard. So I framed this little painting and am giving it to her for Christmas. I think that she will love it.

I hope so!

Phillis Holland

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