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Monday, April 4, 2011

Still Lifes From the Attic

Most of the time The Pieces of Eight meet in the attic of one of the buildings in historic Old Town Melbourne. It is a wonderful place to paint with lots of room to spread out. We often set up a still life to paint and watch as eight very different versions of the same set up emerge across the room. It is so much fun to take a break, step back, and see how everyone has handled the subject matter. I never fail to be amazed at how each individual adds her own magic. Our paintings are as diverse as our personalities. Above are two of the first paintings that I created in the attic. I named the one on the left "White Pitcher" and you guessed it, the one on the right is named "Red Vase" Such an imagination! The Pieces painted outside today in Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach. I did not finish my painting while on site but will finish it soon at home. When it is finished, I will post it and try to give it a really mysterious title.

Phillis Holland

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