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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exercising is NO FUN!

The assignment was to bring red, blue, yellow and white and we would all paint a set up of a white cup on a colorful cloth lit with a spot.  The idea was to mix the colors reflected in the cup and play with the variety of shadows that the colorful cloth and cup would make.  Not to mention the fact that we would need to know a bit of chemistry to mix all those colors with just a few tubes at hand.

Welllllll, most of us showed up with a cad red yada yada.  The cloth beneath the cup was a gorgeous hot pink...now I am no rocket scientist but there is no way on this earth that cad red and any other color (blue? white?) will ever make hot pink.  Problem #1.  The next stumbling block came from the fact that to make the spot work we all 8 needed to gather close to the set up and were practically breathing down each other's necks...and some of us got a bum view.  I could go on...needless to say, we all griped and moaned and groaned and sounded like a bunch of old sourpusses told they needed an exercise program.  And, for artists, this is precisely what it was: an exercise.  And a much needed one.

I post my painting only as testament that working at an easel is not all fun and games...sometimes you have to do the heavy lifting and it is neither fun nor very attractive.  Believe it or not, as ugly as this is I did learn a few things....hope they show up in my next effort!

Cindy Michaud

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