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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to Serious Painting on Mondays

The Pieces are back to Monday painting. And I wandered around every now and then with my camera to capture the activity. It's so inspiring to see what everyone is up to and to watch the magic as it's happening. (This time, I combined my photos into one because THEN I can control where it goes. Seems when I add in lots of photos they take on a mind of their own with Blogger and don't like to sit where I put them.)

Everyone was doing their own thing, from catching up on collages to serious painting (and for me, not so serious painting). I'm hoping some of the Pieces will jump in and comment about their work shown here. And if they have an updated piece, especially since I'll have to miss the next two wonderful Monday painting days, I'd love to see them here. Hint! Hint!

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  1. Thanks to our inhouse photographer you can see at a glance what we were all up to. Mine is the marsh scene. This is the first oil I have done in quite a while and it felt great. I love painting with the longer canvases and I also love marsh scenes. I had almost forgotten the pleasure of the subtle colors and feelings painting these scenes bring.