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Thursday, July 1, 2010

On Wings of Eagles!

I had to take a break from the food painting (promised to bring a bubbling hot cheery pie next Monday....) so I continued work on the series I am doing on top of pages from an 1852 family Bible.  It is tattered and torn but the pages work beautifully underneath the art work...a visual and a verbal reminder of special passages.

This is Isaish 40: 28-31 and you can guess by the illustration it is the passage about mounting up with wings as eagles.  This has always been a special verse for me when I needed strength and since we have annually watched a pair of eagles build their nest and raise their young in a tree across the street, I found lots of symbolism in using the eagles.  It also works as a piece that is a bit more masculine than some that I have done.

Doing these has been very interesting as I have played around with many media (on acid free boards); it is also a great exercise to imagine how to illustrate the verses with more modern symbols. I have done several in pastel but did this one in acrylic and graphite. There's a few more on my website http://www.cindymichaud.com/ if you are interested in seeing others.

OK, I'll be posting pies and cupcakes soon....

Cindy Michaud

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