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Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Painters Must Eat!

So today, day #2 of the "paint my breakfast series" I made a strategic change: I ate one of the muffins before beginning and promised myself I could have the other two when I finished!  Amazing!  Much less stressful experience. 

I also increased the size of my piece from yesterday's 3 x 4 to a board 6x6...big difference!  And finally I decided that I would not worry about those lucious blueberries...just paint the silly muffins. 

And so here they are.  Not fantastic by any means but much better than the piece you'll never see from yesterday.  And as "perfect is the enemy of good," I am (today anyway) very happy with "good." It can only go up from here.

I enjoyed downing the models with a fresh cup of coffee and have now diminished my supply.  Thus I suppose I should prepare to paint cereal tomorrow unless I get busy in the kitchen.  Meanwhile this afternoon's challenge will be a piece of (store bought, i cheated) cheesecake.  Chocolate marbled.  I hope it tastes horrible or I will complete this challenge of food paintings a much bigger woman!

Enjoy your day...and check out the little gems on http://www.cindymichaudart.etsy.com/


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