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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make a JOYFUL Noise.....

I've been in the mood to experiment lately, play around and see what happens. When I was faced with trashing an old family Bible, dated 1857, due to wear and tear, I decided to salvage some of it by painting on top
of favorite passages. This is one of three I have done so far and it has lead me to think about other forms of ephemeral memorabilia that I can protect and preserve by using as a support for art. So stay tuned...who knows what is next?

If you wish to see the other three verses I have painted so far, they are currently on my personal website: www.cindymichaud.com. Enjoy!

Our painting group faces summer with joy and confusion: we love to travel and see new things but that means our Monday sessions are often just one or two of us. The upside is that we usually return to the fold inspired and with great stories to share which end up fueling the collective inspiration. I'm hoping for such a report after I return from next week's trip to Buck's County, PA to sit at the feet of the revered Richard McKinley, pastelist par excellance. Sigh, hope I am able to paint something, anything in his presence! Should be quite a grand experience soaking up his wisdom for 5 days straight!

More news when I return!

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