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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been thinking about the debut of our wonderful project in collaboration, TRANSFORMATIONS, (http://411.fit.edu/transformations) and about how working with another artist (in this case a poet) influenced my work. Of course we were mindfully collaborating, actively sharing ideas and searching for a common ground from which to create. But, if we are truely engaged in the world around us and sensitive to to our environment, aren't we, as artists, collaborating every single time we produce something?

Whether one paints, writes, sculpts, dances or sings isn't our goal to interact (and inner act) with something or someone outside of ourselves? So, if your work is at all relevent then you are already part of a collaborative effort. Hmmm, it took a year of intense effort and study on my part to come to that simple conclusion? Well, some of us are slow learners!

By the way, please join us at 7 pm (free) on April 17 at the Brevard Art Museum, 1463 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32935. We promise a stimulating evening of cross pollination.


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