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Friday, October 30, 2015

Dog Portrait, Daily Painting, "Ruby's Nap". 16x20x1.5 Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Well, here I am posting another dog portrait.  There is good reason for that.  I have been working on several commissions for the same gentleman.  He loves his dogs and wanted oils of them.

This is Ruby, enjoying a little shut eye on the porch.  We all love to do that, right?

I loved this image and had a great time painting it.

Have a great day today and thanks for readking my blog.!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Invitation to a Unique Book Launching November 6!

Thanks, Cindy, for your enthusiastic and entertaining post about my new book and the launching party to celebrate it. To have the Pieces producing such intriguing and varied representations of Simonetta Vespucci for my upcoming book launching party is so excitingThe evening promises to be an extraordinary gathering of artists, writers and fun-loving followers. I can't wait! I hope you each can come! Bring friends, hubbies, other family!
 If you have read Cindy's post published on October 23rd about my book, you know now why I have not produced much art in the last year or so. My head and heart have been concentrated on Miss Vespucci. And I must say, I am very glad she is finally ready for her debut.

Please check out the following! And don't forget, since the Pieces are not having their annual Christmas sale this year, what better gift is there to give than an autographed book or an iconic image of Venus.
See you at the party! Fay

                                     Simonetta by Fay Picardi 

 An Invitation to a Unique Book Launching Party!
Come to Simonetta's launching party at the awesome, edgy Derek Gores Gallery at 587 Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne on November 6th from 5:30 to 7:30.  The Pieces of Eight will debut their interpretive representations of Simonetta Vespucci. Author Fay Picardi and her mystery guest will give a short reading at 6:30. The gallery is currently hosting an extraordinary exhibit by fashion photographer Michael Giragosian. As always, Derek's own internationally known works will be on display in this urban chic contemporary gallery which is home to the Not Quite right Comedy Improv Troupe. This event is attracting art lovers from as far away as Washington and New York.
Don't miss this exciting happening!!! 

Fay Picardi’s book, Simonetta, published by Burnt Umber Press is available at the launching or by e-mail at SimonettaV@earthlink.net. through Nov. 6 for a special price of $10 plus shipping, if applicable. Also available on Amazon.com and www.createspace.com/5321329. Learn more about Simonetta at faypicardi.weebly.com. or facebook.com/thesimonettastory.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fish Walker by Kathy Garvey

Pieces of 8 member Kathy Garvey has so many unique talents that I am no longer surprised when she comes up with one I didn't know about. She created this Halloween costume that is so whimsical and full of detail that it takes a while to look at each one. She calls it "Fish Walker" and it is inspired by the beautiful books of James Christensen (below). It is just sitting on a chair in this picture, but imagine how it must look with a person in it! Best costume ever.

Click the book to see it on Amazon.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dog Portrait, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 16x20x1.5 Animal Painting, SOLD

Today, I am posting a commission painting.  I find that doing a commission is a whole different ball game.  Do you agree?
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 The client was asking for three paintings of his two dogs.  One of each, and one of both animals.


This is the first painting.  I always second guessing myself when I work on a commission.  Does the client want this, or do that want that.  Is it too dull for them, or too bright, or too much detail, or not enough.  It is hard guessing what a perfect stranger would like!

Add to that the dreaded deadline!  In this case, I had only a short time to complete the artwork, due to my schedule.  What if I failed and produce a suitable painting in the allotted time?

While commissions are stressful for me, I always welcome them.....I just have to remeber the sense of accomplishment I have, when the project is accepted by the client.

I believe a little stretch is good for everyone, especially us artists

Thanks for reading my blog today......and keep painting!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Marsh Scene

This is a painting of the Ipswich MA marshes  I did a few years ago.  I always loved the way the grasses turned as the weather got colder.  The trees around the marsh area would turn color, the sky would be bluer with less clouds and the grass would turn the most interesting shades of orange, yellow and brown.
This was painted on a 6x12" canvas, which is really small but it always had a panoramic feeling to it.

Impressionist Daily Art, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Fairy House", 6x8" House Painting

This small oil painting was a surprise to me.  I wanted to paint a house, but this is not what I had in mind.

Purchase here
110 + shipping
 I know all of us artists browse the internet, looking for artist's works that we enjoy, and trying to learn from others.  That is why you are here, reading this post.

Waclaw Jagielski

I am no different.  I recently found this image on facebook, from an artist that I admire.  I was very inspired by this work and decided to try a house painting of my own.  As you can see, they are very different works.

The moral of this story is ...........don't be afraid to be inspired by others and always stretch your art.  You never know when you will come away frustrated or find new confidence in your techniques.  My painting is not what I was looking for, but, I am happy with it and I feel it pushed my skills in new ways.

Thank you for reading my blog today...now, go get inspired!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rock City Gardens, 8x6 Oil on Canvas Panel, Landscape Painting by Carmen Beecher

South of Sebastian, Florida is this beautiful garden and nursery, where they welcome artists and allow us to paint to our hearts' content. Every time we go, there are more gorgeous paths and plants, plus a little lake with an island. I picked this spot because of the winding path and the dappled light. There's a bit of a mystery to paintings of pathways...what is at the end?


Sunday, October 18, 2015

VintageTeacup and Teapot Stacked Lamps, teacup lamp, teapot lamp, accent lamp, shabby chic lamp

You came here today, expecting an art blog, but I hope you will bear with me as I show you my newest project.

purchase here

 Isn't this adorable?

Purchase here

 Each lamp is made of vintage and new (mostly vintage) teacups and teapots.  I track them down, where ever I go.

Purchase here
 I have so much fun finding the perfect elements for each lamp. When I am happy with the just the right cups and saucers and teapot , I turn it over to my hubby who carefully drills holes in each piece and wires the lamp with brand new electrical parts.  He spent weeks perfecting the electrical components design for safety and durability.

Purchase here

The shades and bulbs do not come with the lamps due to shipping considerations.  

Purchase here

 Of course, each one we finish becomes my favorite.  I want to keep them all, but I promised hubby that would not happen.
Purchase here

 This would be such a unique gift for that very special person on your gift list (or you).

Purchase here

 Each lamp is one of a kind.  If you see one that is perfect for you, buy it now, because when it's gone, it's gone forever.

We are happy to make a special lamp for you.  Maybe you have some of grandmother's china, or your wedding china, that is closed away in a closet.  How nice it would be to see it sitting out every day.  Send me a comment if you are interested in a very special "memory lamp" just for you.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Painting at Rock City Gardens

The group went down to Rock City Gardens to paint, and it gets better every time we are there. They add more and more to it, and their plants, pots and fountains are wonderful.

The path above was the subject for my painting, but I was sitting at the other end. I will post it at a future date. 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

11x14 still life, botanical print, daily painter, fern painting, price - 189.95,

This small oil painting came about because of a trip I took to North Carolina in the spring. I live in Florida, so we don't get a lot of spring flowers, and when I saw this bed of ferns coming to life, I had to paint them.

purchase here
189.95 + shipping
I was surprised how quickly they grew, with obvious growth from day to day.

I decided to use a dark background to really highlight the ferns and keep my palette restricted to greens, blues and purples. I have been pleased with the results of this painting, which is a departure from my usual style. Blues are very difficult to photograph accurately and although the background color appears to be a deep blue, the actual color is close to a black,

This piece is available  at the link above as an original, or here as a giclee'  canvas print in the size of your choice.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.  I hope you take time every day,  to smell the roses.



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tropical Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, "Golden Palm" by Carol Schiff, 16x20" Oil, SOLD

I was going through some of my old files, and found this tropical Landscape painting that I did several years ago.  I was in morning light, in an area covered with palmettos.  I was fascinated by the play of light on the palm fronds, forming beautiful abstract shapes.

purchase here

I worked very hard on this one, to get the dramatic values that I wanted.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Birth of My Birth of Venus Collage

Yes, I finally brought forth my collage version of "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli. I didn't go for the full-length version with the seashell and all that--this was difficult enough. The hair would not have been possible without Charlize Theron's J'Adore perfume ad. She is scattered about in there. 

All this effort is for our member Fay Picardi's upcoming book, Simonetta. It is about the real-life Venus that Botticelli's painting was modeled after. The Pieces of 8 will have our versions of Simonetta at the book launch. Stay tuned! This will be fun.

Here's the real Birth of Venus: